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My chosen sport of bodybuilding has educated me, through experiential learning, on what holistic wellness is in practice. I’ve experienced rigorous contest prep to the point of an eating disorder and body dysmorphia and another contest prep that instigated binge eating and rebounding (rapid weight gain post extreme weight loss). I’ve also experienced a contest prep that was sustainable, mindful, and integrated into my life. I know the benefits of my sport for my life because I have also experienced the negative aspects of it. 


At the foundation of student affairs work are ten professional competencies which outline essential areas of knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to understand how students learn and develop. Two areas of particular importance to me are Personal and Ethical Foundations and Student Learning & Development. Advanced development in the ethical and foundations competency involves higher order critique and self-awareness, applications to healthy living and professional practice, and modeling, mentoring, and facilitating the same among others (ACPA & NASPA, 2015, p. 11). Advanced development within learning and development involves greater application by utilizing various forms of programs and applications that get increasingly larger and more complex. These skills are intertwined with the knowledge and use of technology, which acknowledges that student affairs work is dynamic and integrates a variety of methods and mediato engage higher learning. 

These two areas of higher education and elite sport have led me conceptualize, and practice, holistic wellness as a self-awareness of one’s habits, including nutrition, fitness and higher learning (spirituality, philosophy, academic education), which contribute to the positive development of the individual as a complete person. I have come to effectively use theory like this to inform my practice in learning and development and that is what I wish to coach YOU through.


Coaching Framework

SMART goals are Sustainable, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, and Time bound.


Successful progression of sustainable training programs follow FITT principles: Frequency, Intensity, Time, then Type.


I’ve combined these concepts every day to successfully work towards earning a Ph.D. and maintain competitiveness in the sport of bodybuilding. Incorporating the student affairs competencies of PEF and SLD which encourage practitioners to mentor students on holistic wellness, I have also developed this platform to facilitate intrapersonal growth through fitness, health, wellness and higher education.


Whether you're preparing for a sport, job promotion, or success in school, the SMART.FITT Mind Gym Coaching program offers 1:1 coaching to help you gain conscious self-mastery through identifying your purpose, setting intentions that align with that purpose, and finding gratitude for the challenges that facilitate your growth. Borrowing from Robert Kegan’s theory of the Evolution of Consciousness, my coaching program creates a “holding environment”, or an evolutionary bridge to assist individuals with changes from one order of consciousness, to the next, more developed, order.


-GROWTH is painful because it involves changing one’s way of functioning in the world.-

I don’t work with everyone. I don’t work with people looking for a quick fix or cookie-cutter exercise programs. I work with people ready to explore why they’ve struggled to meet their goals or why they keep falling off their schedules — I work with people who are ready to make changes in their day to day lives. I work with people who are willing to do the work, on themselves, to pursue, live, and serve their life purpose. This is experiential learning for conscious self mastery — this is intentional self authorship.


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