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My Journey


Chelsea Shore is a five-time nationally qualified bikini bodybuilding competitor, identity theorist, and recovery scientist. She specializes in helping individuals learn how to manage their time, stress, and mindset to achieve their goals using a combination of holistic wellness practices, personal development, and higher education principles. 


After completing her master’s degree in communication studies at California State University Fullerton, Chelsea became a personal trainer to inspire others through sport and fitness the way bodybuilding inspired her.  She quickly rose through the ranks at the gym, but something was missing-- education.


She began pursuing a Ph.D in Sport Management at Florida State University in 2018 but after her first semester, things still weren’t right. While working as a chapter leader for a nonprofit that uses sport and exercise for alcohol abuse recovery, Chelsea realized her passions for sport and education overlapped and found her true passion in helping college students develop through sport. 


Chelsea pursued a lateral program transfer to earn a Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies at FSU. Here, she was able to continue her research on sport for recovery while becoming an identity theorist through higher education principles. These inform her coaching style and contribute to the communities where she works, teaches, and coaches. 


Through these major life changes Chelsea has used holistic wellness practices, sport and fitness, and personal development to cultivate purpose, intention, and gratitude in everything she does. Her goal is to help students gain conscious self-mastery through identifying their purpose, setting intentions that align with their purpose, and finding gratitude for the challenges that facilitate their growth.


Chelsea's Education and Achievements at a Glance: 

  • PhD in Higher Education Leadership and Policy at Florida State University

  • B.A. and M.A in Communication Studies at California State University Fullerton

  • Researcher at FSU College of Education

  • Collegiate Recovery Research Lab

  • ISSA certified personal trainer

  • Five-time nationally qualified NPC bikini competitor

Professional Affiliations

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