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I have been providing editing services for over a decade through my graduate and teaching careers. I have worked with undergraduate students and faculty in communication studies, sport management, and higher education. I have experience editing speeches, course papers, journal articles, grant applications, book proposals and manuscripts, job market and academic applications. I also have experience in proofreading (Macmillian Publishing).

I have a Master's degree in Communication Studies from California State University, Fullerton, and a doctoral degree in Higher Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from Florida State University. In addition, I possess a Graduate Certificate in Measurement and Statistics and a Graduate Certificate in Program Evaluation.

During the last several years, I have contributed to successful publications for projects funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and The Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice under the advisement of Dr. Lara Perez-Felkner.

One of my favorite parts about being an academic scholar is helping others organize their ideas, develop their arguments, and communicate effectively with targeted audiences.

Stylistic Editing


  • Checking the text for correct spelling, basic grammar, punctuation, sentence structure

  • Formatting citations, notes, and bibliography, upon request

  • Done in-text using the Track Changes feature of Word

Writing Coaching/Consulting


  • One-on-one e-mail, phone, or Zoom consultations to discuss the writing process, develop a writing plan, and set goals and deadlines 

Qualitative Data Consulting


  • One-on-one e-mail, phone, or Zoom consultations to discuss approaches to qualitative data collection, analysis, and write up

Developmental Editing


  • Working with the text at the level of ideas, arguments, and their arrangement

  • Generally done in-text using the Track Changes feature of Word, with additional feedback via margin comments, e-mail, and/or an optional review memo

IRB Review


  • Engaging with the substantive content of the text and flagging areas in need of more development

  • Providing developmental editing informed by the PIs in order to maximize the chances the protocol will be accepted in first submission

Manuscript Review


  • Reading all original and revised versions of the   text, as well as all reader reports and correspondence with editor(s)

  • Developing a strategy and schedule for responding to reviews and preparing a response memo/letter

Grant Proposal Review


​The specific level of engagement in grant proposal reviews may vary dependent on the size of the award and how much initial work is completed by the client, but is generally done at the level of

  • Re-organizing and revising as needed to improve logical flow, pacing, and persuasiveness

  • Improving basic style and language flow

Please contact for a free consultation to discuss pricing and timeline.

Note: Grant writers are paid for the professional services they provide, regardless of the outcome of decisions made on the  grant proposals they write for clients or employers. It is unethical for grant writers to work on commission, or to accept  a percentage of an award (either actual or promised) as a finder’s fee.


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