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Collegiate Recovery Research through Collaborative Autoethnography

Presentation at the 2023 ARHE/ARS/AAPG Annual Conference & HECAOD National Meeting in Columbus, Ohio from June 23-29.

Please direct all inquires to the project advisor, Chelsea Shore:

This session presents a research project involving four undergraduate research assistants (UGAs) on a dissertation study, Substance Use, Misusing, Recovery Identity Formation Among College Students. Personal interviews between the primary investigator and UGAs were held and transcribed as part of the learning experience and scholarly development of the UGAs. The UGAs participated in a collaborative autoethnography to reflect on their own experiences with substance misuse and recovery, comparing how their identity developed. Aligned with community-based participatory action research, the UGAs were also active members of the Collegiate Recovery Program. Insights contribute towards understanding how community shapes students understanding of complex concepts such as substance misuse and recovery. With this research, we aim to provide meaningful insight into how substance use, and misuse can be internalized amongst college students and how an acquisition of a recovery identity can help redefine previous notions of substance use.

APA citation: Gipson, M., Antropova, E., Campos, D., Masi, C., & Shore, C. D. (advisor). (2023, June 26). Collegiate Recovery Research through Collaborative Autoethnography. Paper presented at the 2023 ARHE/ARS/AAPG Annual Conference & HECAOD National Meeting. Columbus, Ohio.

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