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Evaluating the Efficacy of Recovery Ally Program and Challenge Course Education (ARHE 2023)

Presentation at the 2023 ARHE/ARS/AAPG Annual Conference & HECAOD National Meeting in Columbus, Ohio from June 23-29.

Please direct all inquires to the project advisor, Chelsea Shore:

The Recovery Ally Program (RAP) is a 2-hour interactive workshop at Florida State University attempting to address the full continuum of allyship from substance use, through misuse, and into recovery. It facilitates self-reflection and self-monitoring around substance use and misuse. It encourages students to change the way they think about addiction, alter how they talk about substance misuse, and adapt how they approach recovery. Students gain tangible tools for recognizing warning signs, initiating conversations, and connecting with resources to address addiction and substance misuse. This presentation describes our implementation process using a student-centered approach, evaluation, and directions for scaling. The Recovery Ally Challenge Course was delivered to students in a fraternity at a large southeastern public 4-year institution. The program provided participants with an experiential learning activity with debrief questions that connected the process of recovery to physical activity in efforts to reduce stigma surrounding addiction and recovery. The activity in this project focused on supporting students to develop skills needed for assessing their own substance using behaviors as well as forming recovery-friendly environments through critical self-reflection and problem-solving activities. This presentation will report on the implementation process, evaluation methods, and directions for scaling.

APA citation: Price, K., Markham, B., Waller, K., Bloski, A., Raygada, F., Gomez, M. (mentor) & Shore, C. D. (advisor). (2023, June 26). Evaluating the Efficacy of Recovery Ally Programs: Preliminary Evidence From a First Year Pilot. Presentation at the 2023 ARHE/ARS/AAPG Annual Conference & HECAOD National Meeting. Columbus, Ohio.

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